14 Items You Need in Your Chronic Pain Flare Kit

Anyone who lives with chronic pain knows there are bad days and worse days, and one thing I have found is being prepared makes life easier. Here are 14 of my must-haves for bad flare days:

  1. A Quiet/Calm Place- I find that this is very important to have space not in the way of others or where you are constantly bothered. I usually end up in my room with my door and curtains closed.
  2. Ice Pack/Heating Pad- When I am in the middle of a flare I find an ice pack to be better pain relief than a heating pad. But I do like to use a heating bad once my nerves have calmed down to help the circulation get pumping again.
  3. Healthy Food- Good food is essential for your body to heal. When I’m in the middle of a flare it becomes a challenge to not reach straight for the junk food. Being prepared beforehand with healthy frozen meals or pre-prepared salads makes this an easier choice. I also like to always have some chocolate on hand!
  4. Simple Minded Activities- Activities such as painting, doodling, or coloring tend to help my brain refocus. Having a mini art selection I am always prepared to watercolor or simply sketch depending on what I feel like doing.
  5. Headphones- When my brain can’t focus on anything I like to enjoy some of my favorite music. I always have my headphones with me in case I happen to be surrounded by others or just want to be in my own little world.
  6. Fuzzy Blanket/Heated Blanket/Pillows- I find it very important to be comfortable in the midst of pain. For me, it’s my heated fuzzy blanket as I am almost always cold and my favorite pillow.
  7. Favorite Movies/Books- My all time favorite movies and TV shows are comedies so sometimes being able to watch these helps take my mind off things. Also, a good book can be very helpful, most of my favorites are mystery action thrillers that make you want to read the entire book in one sitting.
  8. Lotion/Essential Oils/Candles- Smells can be comforting when stressed and I am very guilty of having too many candles for these times. I also use lotion for increasing circulation and nerve stimulation which sometimes helps to calm down pain.
  9. Entertainment- Anything from my phone, computer, or iPad, can occupy me for a few hours. I also always remember to have my chargers nearby.
  10. Tissues- In the peak of a flare tears are shed, having some tissues close is always necessary in case of an emergency.
  11. Epson Salt Bath- I find that sitting in a bath is comforting and adding Epson Salt allows muscles to relax as well as it is a natural solution for sensitive skin.
  12. Water- Staying hydrated is always important. I know that for me during a flare I tend to forget to drink water which can help flush out many toxins. Having a reusable water bottle makes this an easy fix. Also having one on hand if you need to take any medication is very helpful.
  13. Patience/Perseverance- During a flare, I have to remind myself to be patient. Patient with my body, patient with myself, and patient with my situation. Through patience, perseverance is gained and achieved adding to your already full toolbox for your next flare.
  14. A Good Friend- Having a support system and someone to talk to is a very important item in your kit. For me I find this to be my mom and a close friend, always being able, to be honest with people when you are having a rough day helps the healing.

Now you know what items I keep on hand for my fares! Share whats in yours in the comments below and have an amazing day!

1 thought on “14 Items You Need in Your Chronic Pain Flare Kit

  1. painfullylovingmybody August 2, 2018 — 11:02 am

    What an awesome list- I love how you added physical material aids with emotional support like patience and a friend’s care. All are so important. Trying to use that patience right now lying on my ice pack early this morning. Slow day for me, but will definitely try to keep my spirits up.


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