5 Steps to Starting Your Day With Chronic Pain

Here are 5 things I like to do every morning when starting my day. Living life with chronic pain is difficult and those mornings after a long night of flares or chronic episodes can make mornings even more difficult. Before I was diagnosed I was definitely not a morning person, so adding more challenges to my already negative perspective of mornings was extremely difficult, to say the least. But I found a way to start a morning routine that helped me start my day and deal with my chronic pain. Here are 5 Steps to Starting Your Day With Chronic Pain: 

  1. Get moving. Whether this means going to take a shower or going for a walk get your body moving! After sleeping and being still for a long time regaining good circulation in your body is so important especially when fighting chronic pain. I find that when I start my day with one of these things I am more productive and sometimes even have more manageable pain with fewer flares throughout my day!
  2. Have some personal time. This could look like reading a chapter of a book, having a devotional, coloring in a coloring book, or even spending time in prayer. Making time for yourself and doing something small and simple that you enjoy can change your whole mindset for the trials to come that day.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. Many people nowadays skip breakfast or simply think a cup of coffee is enough to sustain them till lunch. But when fighting pain and sickness a great way to provide your body with healthy nutrients that can give you energy starts with heating a healthy breakfast! So have your cup of coffee! But don’t forget about grabbing some fruit or oatmeal with it!
  4. Organize your day. Write down some clear goals that you have in mind of what you want to accomplish that day and do your best to achieve them! In the mornings I like to make my bed and clean up around my apartment so I know when I come home I can focus solely on my goals for that day. So organize your schedule and the things around you to be able to attain your goals for the day!
  5. Have a positive attitude. This is another day and another fresh start. Even though you may still be facing the same trials as yesterday and you know that they won’t be changing soon, change your attitude towards your struggles. Instead of thinking of them as “incurable” or “impossible” think of them as a game that you win every single day you get out of bed. Every morning you wake up you have already grown stronger from surviving one more day! It might not get easier, but you will get stronger. Have a strong mind and determine with a strong heart that you will overcome whatever comes at you today!

Hope these ideas help you start your day more refreshed and ready for whatever life may throw at you! Comment below with ways you start your day with chronic pain!

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