Hello! My name is Danna, I am a full-time nursing student and lover of Jesus. I have a passion for sharing the strength I have gained in my faith as I walk through life living with chronic pain. I would love to share my story and my strength with you!

They say the two most important days in your life is the day you’re born and the day you find out why. I’m not sure who they are but I do know that they sound right! I remember constantly questioning God asking, “Why would you create someone’s purpose to be pain?” After being diagnosed in high school with a rare nerve damage disease I was surrounded by pain with no cure in sight. I went from being excited about my future! Excited about college! Excited about freedom! To fear of forever with a chronic condition. Excitement quickly turned into depression, anger, and loneliness. Everything I had learned about my loving God was turned upside down. Why would God create me knowing my future would only be filled with pain?

Consider that your present sufferings are not worth comparing the glory that will be revealed in us (Romans 8:18). Pain produces perseverance, endurance, and most importantly strength. Sometimes the way God shares these gifts with us is disguised as what looks like a grave. For me being handed this “gift”, I could only see the grave and so once I received it I decided to lie down in it and let it consume me. This gift was never meant to consume me but for me to receive and use. Once you change your perspective of your pain you can find your purpose. Take the gift that God has given you and use it.

Head back to my Home Page to learn more about my story or head to the Resources page to find resources about living with chronic pain.

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