If you are looking for more information on Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD) or resources to help manage adult or childhood chronic pain here you will find some helpful tools.


If you are looking for a community of people who understand the pain you are going through CRPS Forum does an amazing job of engaging people in your community with chronic pain. CRPS Forum is a non-profit organization created by a CRPS patient with the hopes to raise awareness and unite other patients with this disease. This organization is dedicated to planning events to help raise awareness and money for CRPS as well as having online support groups to connect those with chronic pain. On their website, you can find CRPS merchandise, event, ways to donate or volunteer, and even stories of other people living with CRPS.

“Hope is the first step to a cure. Our goal is to unite, educate, support research, and raise awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.”

Click Here to Learn More About CRPS Forum


Mental health is just as important as physical health when battling chronic pain. Some days may be harder than others, and during those hard days, it may seem like you are alone with your pain. But there are many resources to help you cope with these feelings. If you need help dealing with difficult thoughts or you need someone to talk to about the way your pain is making you feel this organization, Rising Above the Pain, has a toll free 24/7 crisis hotline. This non-profit also is dedicated to giving people living with chronic pain the healing and hope that they need.

“It is our purpose and goal as a non-profit company to provide emotional support and fellowship for individuals that suffer from and regularly face chronic pain. At Rising Above The Pain, we give these people an outlet where they can share their experiences and feel like they have someone that will listen to them.”

Click Here To Learn More About Rising Above The Pain

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